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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan 2018

The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan outlines how the Fund will develop its MEL system and identifies which components are still to be developed and articulated in the system as well as how this will be achieved. The plan focuses on the Fund as a mechanism, and the work of the grantees; and how both are contributing to the Pacific Women MELF and the Fiji Country MELF.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan 2019

To ensure that grantees can integrate Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in all aspects of their programming the Fund will deliver trainings on GESI to all its grantees. This GESI Toolkit will aid this approach. This toolkit can also help grantees to disseminate knowledge of GESI within their organization.

Capacity Development Strategy 2018–2022

The Capacity Development Strategy 2018-2022 sets out the Fund’s long-term strategic direction for capacity development. This Strategy articulates how the Fund will support grantees in strengthening their capacity to promote and achieve gender transformative change.

Communications Strategy 2018–2022

The Communications Strategy provides guidance to the Fund’s management team to effectively and strategically engage with partners and stakeholders to promote and contribute towards women’s empowerment and gender equality in Fiji.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy 2018 – 2022

The Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy 2018–2022 (the strategy) has been developed to underpin, guide and strengthen the work of the Fiji Women’s Fund. The strategy will support the Fund in undertaking one of its core functions: to promote gender equality by empowering women’s decision-making through the provision of grants to a diverse range of local organisations working on women-focused projects and programs.