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Edition 7 – Newsletter

13 January 2021

As this edition went to press, the people of Fiji have just emerged from yet another severe tropical cyclone, many have lost their homes, livelihoods and remain in evacuation centres. Many of our grantee partners have already started post disaster recovery work on the ground to help communities recover.  Globally, 2020 will go down in history as one of the most difficult years.  For Fijians, two severe cyclones and a pandemic has really pushed them to their limits and tested both their resilience and perseverance.

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Edition 6 – Newsletter

03 September 2020

Dear Readers, in this month's edition, we continue to highlight some of the on-going struggles and triumphs of our grantee partners and their beneficiaries who have been severely impacted by the global pandemic (COVID-19) and Tropical Cyclone Harold. We salute these real life humanitarians who continue to go above and beyond to help their fellow citizens through these difficult times.

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Edition 5 – Newsletter

09 June 2020

In this May edition we will profile the work of Medical Service Pacific and Rise Beyond the Reef who have been at the forefront of COVID-19 and tropical cyclone Harold recovery and response efforts.  We also marked our 3rd Anniversary and we take this opportunity to share our gratitude for the many feminist activists and human rights defenders who have contributed to our journey over the years.

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Edition 4 – Newsletter

28 February 2020

In our February Edition we explore some of the realities on the ground when it comes to elf-care practices in the Fiji Women's movement.  We interviewed the Striders Women's Rugby Club and highlighted some of the shared experiences and practices of our grantee partners in addressing gender equality issues in their work.  Find out more about our Pacific philanthropy study which found that less than 1% of grant funding flowing to the Pacific is directed to women and girls.

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Edition 3

15 November 2019

The Fund finally transitioned to an electronic version (Mailchimp) of our six-monthly newsletter. We highlight some of the major achievements and activities that our grantees have been able to undertake through our funding. Now also featuring a new blog and impact stories that are sure to bring you to happy tears.

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Edition 2

28 May 2019

In this edition of the Fund’s six-monthly newsletters we cover the importance of the 16 days of activism campaign to ending violence against women and girls. We had in-depth features on the work of the Medical Services Pacific and the Women in Fisheries Network (Fiji). The Fund also released its 2018 Annual Report and the announcement of our 13 new grantees.

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Edition 1

05 November 2018

The inaugural newsletter for the Fund. An introduction to the Fund’s six-monthly activities and a compilation of impact stories from grantees like Ra Naari Parisaad, Naitasiri Women in Dairy, Survival Advocacy Network and Aging Women.

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