Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network (PSGDN)

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Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network (PSGDN)
Project name: 2nd Pacific Human Rights Conference
Project timeframe: 1 year

PSGDN is the regional network of LGBTQI organisations and individuals in the Pacific and is currently based within the Pacific Community RRRT Office in Suva Fiji. It has members from 14 different PICs.  The PSGDN mission includes advocating for resourced and sustainable LGBTI community organizations at country level, increased political commitment to SOGIESC, reform of discriminatory laws and government policies, greater sensitivity towards SOGIESC by law enforcement agencies, increased availability of strategic information through research and routine data collection, reduction of institutionalized and social stigma and discrimination, positive engagement with religious institutions, inclusive educational environments and increased representation of SOGIESC at local, national and international levels.

The specific objectives of this project includes:

  1. Develop a roadmap to achieve SOGIE-SC/LGBTQI inclusion in Fiji and the Pacific by 2030.
  2. Strengthen and enhance partnerships and networks for advocacy and social action including reduction in violation of HR across the Pacific 
  3. (iii)Increase awareness/knowledge and skills on advocacy research/evidence gathering; understanding of the policy development process; influencing skills; policy analysis; stakeholder management; lobbying / campaigning; media relations; awareness raising on international HR rights law & the Yogyakarta Principles to enhance respect for persons of diverse SOGI and its application to review the human rights situation and actively contribute to the UPR, CEDAW, etc.