Reproductive Family Health Association of Fiji (RFHAF)

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Reproductive Family Health Association of Fiji (RFHAF)
Project name: The Future She Deserves
Project timeframe: 1 year

RHAF is a non-governmental organisation that works towards a Fiji where women, men and young people have control over their bodies, therefore their destinies. RHAF expands the possibilities for women and young people to lead healthy sexual lives where gender nor sexuality are no longer a source of discrimination or inequality. The project will strengthen and empower young girls in decision making about their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

This project provides the young girls and their parents/guardians with:

  1. Capacity development, through mentoring on reproductive health and sexuality;
  2. Promote attitudes and behaviours that will lead to a better quality of life for adolescent girls;
  3. Impart communication, decision-making, assertiveness, setting goals and resisting peer pressure skills to young adolescents girls through mentoring programs to enable them overcome the challenges of growing up and be responsible adults.